download: please like if downloading! | So, on my own blog I’ve received a lot of questions over how I color animated movies and such and I couldn’t really explain the entire process, so I just made it an action. It works similarly to our other action, except this blurs it a bit more and already has a brightness/contrast layer used. So if you still plan on using a coloring, you may have to consider lowering the curves/brightness layer if it has one. 

  • This was designed around Disney/Pixar movies, so I can’t promise it’ll work as well on other things.
  • I recommend you use the action on the image you want on a separate canvas (since it merges everything together at the end) and then dragging it onto another canvas.
  • NOTE: To make life easier for yourself, make sure the layer you’re using is called “Layer 1” before you press play. 
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